How to Grow Your Business Through Video Marketing

Online videos are one of the most engaging and easy-to-digest forms of marketing today. Promoting your services through video marketing is a prime way to increase business awareness while also appealing to the target audience. 
Ready to stand out among your competitors? Keep reading! 


The Advantages of Video Marketing for Your Business

1. Increases engagement among consumers

Videos draw attention through sound and movement, eliciting emotion and feelings that pictures alone cannot. Once an audience’s attention has been captured, a connection is made and they are more likely to share the content. What’s more, it may also help stir the need to buy the product or services being offered. 

2. Displays non-verbal communication 

Facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, music - all of these human experiences aid in connecting one person to another. Videos, especially for small businesses, can use these forms of expression to their advantage by communicating care and authenticity to their audience with more than just the written word or a picture. 

3. Spreads product awareness

Want your audience to have an accurate and positive impression of your business? Use video marketing to your advantage through educational and informative videos of your business, service, or product. Many consumers desire to have a better feel for what to expect of your business and make a more informed purchase; videos allow them to do just that. 

4. Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

In order to have a spot in the top search rankings more than just a website will be required. Video content is a major key that drives traffic to your website and helps to rank above competitors. As the saying goes, the more the merrier! 

Types of Video Marketing Content 

Now that you know why it’s so important, let’s take a look at some of the different categories of video content that can help your business get noticed. 

  • How To’s & Tutorials 

When a consumer feels that a business can add value or improve their way of life, they may be more inclined to support that company. Tutorials are a great way to get found on the internet and target a specific audience. 

  • Interviews & Testimonials 

Watching someone give a positive review in a warm setting is much more credible than reading a review from someone random on the internet. These types of videos go a long way in building trust with a service and making a consumer feel more at ease. 

  • Informational & Educational 

Product reviews, informative content, answering customer questions, announcing new products… the list goes on! These videos help consumers get to know you, your company, and help retain current and new customers. 

Get Started Today 

Chaverim Media collaborates with small businesses to bring about brand awareness through creative video content that will attract new customers and help retain old. Whether you desire to deliver eye-catching shots for social media or you want to make an educational series, our team will design a video marketing strategy to meet your goals. 

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Step Three: Strategy Presentation 

Taking what we learned about your business model and goals, we will carefully tailor a video marketing strategy that we believe will strengthen your business and help meet those objectives. If you feel it is a good match (and we hope you do!), Chaverim Media will start collaborative efforts to bring forth great content for your business. 

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