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Creative Media
Content &
Digital Marketing

How We Can Help You?

We provide our clients with creative media content and video marketing services, tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in our community. 


Who We Are

LinkPlus excels in delivering an extensive range of services in digital marketing, creative media, and now, AI integration, tailored to address the broad spectrum of needs that businesses face in the contemporary digital arena. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the intricacies within target groups, discerning the varied perspectives shaped by age, culture, and beyond. Recognizing the distinct journey each company and client embarks upon, we champion the idea that their uniqueness should be reflected in the customized solutions we devise. This conviction extends to our incorporation of AI technologies, which enhances our ability to offer bespoke, intelligent solutions that not only cater to the specific ambitions and goals of our clients but also elevate their unique narratives in the digital domain. Our methodology is far from generic; it's a bespoke alignment of our services with the individual visions and objectives of our clients, ensuring their distinctive paths are not just acknowledged but also augmented through our collaborative efforts.

Our Story

LinkPlus is an agency that provides digital marketing, creative media, and AI solutions to companies. Founder Ben Ahn began his career as a video editor, helping various companies. He has grown the company to its current state by linking various methods, from digital marketing to AI into clients' businesses. The value that Ben Ahn dreams of is providing the best-customized service to clients while the team members work together in a joyful space. Believing that 1+1 is not simply 2 but infinite, we promise to provide the best service today as well.


LinkPlus: Where Your Dreams Get Linked to Reality, Plus More.


“Ben was very easy professional and great to work with. His detail and preparation that went into the video made it a very smooth process”

Lifestyle Publications

Steven Schowengerdt

“Ben is a video expert whom I can trust. he knows how to make good and effective videos!"

Kansas Acupunture & Chiropractic Clinic

Shin Taejeon

“Ben was wonderful to work with — professional, responsive, thorough and speedy. He delivered everything we asked for and was flexible to adapt as project needs changed. Would definitely recommend his services for videography and motion graphics!"


Deborah Fraser

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Consultation & Strategy

An effective marketing strategy is something that small businesses often struggle to implement. Chaverim Media, through our work with a diverse variety of clients, can provide the experience necessary to create an effective marketing roadmap. By partnering with us, we will take the challenge off your hands and will create both long term and short term plans to reach your company’s objectives. 

Branding Development

A consistent brand image allows our clients to reinforce a perception of quality and value in the mind of potential customers. We will work with you to hone your business’ image through consistent advertising, logo, and message development. 

Photo and Video Production

Take your company in a creative direction through video and photo marketing. We can highlight and promote your business with impactful and inspirational video content, giving a competitive edge no matter the industry. Specializing in quality content and effective strategy, we will enhance your customer experience and engagement.

YouTube Development and Management

In an ever-changing media environment, a YouTube channel can establish an internet presence that engages potential customers in visually dynamic ways.  If your business is interested in starting or maintaining a YouTube channel, Chaverim Media can help by producing professional material with the aim of creating consistent customer interaction. 

Online Class Development

Elearning and online classes have become one of the preferred methods for learning and education in recent years. If your brand or company is looking to provide on-demand, video-based courses, then let Chaverim Media do the work for you.

We will handle everything from content creation, filming, strategizing, and marketing your video service. We will also help build and manage your online class website, and provide a clear plan for the class development.

Social Media and Google & Meta ADs

Social media is one of the most effective tools for digital marketing and increasing brand awareness. Reaching potential customers, and building relationships with existing ones, takes skillful planning and strategy. From Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter and TikTok, we strategically design content that will improve your social media presence and reach your target audience.

Email Marketing

In an ever-changing world of email filters and flashy advertisements, understanding how to reliably communicate with your customer base takes a degree of nuanced experience that Chaverim Media is able to provide.

We will help you develop a communication strategy and manage your subscription list to reach and engage both current and potential future customers.

Website Development

Websites create a reliable first impression, and are often pivotal in establishing brand image and a customer’s idea of quality. We will partner with you to establish the image you desire to portray, with effective visuals and the ability to connect customers easily to products and services.

Not only can we produce an impressive landing page to create that first impression, we can also craft additional pages that highlight your business's key competitive elements.