5 Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Small Business 

Over the last two decades, social media has paved the way for a new type of advertising. Thanks to the boom of platforms like YouTube and Twitter, businesses can reach a larger audience and get to know their customer base better.

While the internet has heightened the competition, it has also given small businesses a bigger voice and opportunity to stand out. 

One of the best ways to reach your desired audience is through content marketing. 

In simple terms this means: 

 “The creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.” (Oxford)

Creating the right content on the right platforms will not only help attract new and future customers, but it will also help you retain old ones. 

Here are 6 ways content marketing is useful for small businesses:

  1. It helps sculpt your product image. 

Content marketing allows you to choose how your product is perceived by your desired audience. How? By the way it is portrayed in your digital content. Take the tech giant, Apple, for example. Their instagram page has a whopping 28 million followers, and they use the platform to show all the possible ways their products can perform. This promotes a positive brand image, and allows them to educate their audience on how their services can improve or add to a consumer’s life. 

(Apple Instagram reel Image Source)

  1. Content can stir emotions.

Have you ever been stopped at a promotional table at the supermarket or mall? The demonstrator’s smile called to you, and for fear of coming across as rude, you stopped and listened to the spiel. You had no interest in the product, and yet you still walked away with a brand new smoothie machine. Sound familiar? That is the power of emotional purchasing. 

The tipping point of a sale is usually an emotional response to a particular product or service, which is why it’s important to foster that connection. 

You can do this by creating digital content that emotionally engages your audience. Having content that is relevant, high quality, and feel-good is vital to every business. Whether you want to retain current customers or attract new ones, engaging them on social media platforms is the way to go. Just be careful not to come across as too sappy or silly as that can backfire and make your business look immature. 

  1. It improves search engine rankings. 

What enhances SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increases your chance of ranking higher in online searches? You guessed it - content marketing. 

When content gets posted on the internet (blogs, posts, videos, etc.) it is sorted by Google algorithms. Frequent posting and user engagement makes your content more likely to be prioritized. 

When you invest in content marketing, you are producing a consistent stream of interesting material that works well with those algorithms to promote your product. 

(Mercedes-benz Twitter post Image source)

  1. It gives quantifiable feedback. 

What are people saying about your products or customer service? Are your emails actually being read? Feedback can come in two forms: analytics and social media interaction. 

Having content that customers can engage with, such as social media polling or the comment section of posts, helps you identify how your target audience feels. Whether good or bad, it gives them a voice and helps you understand if what you are doing works. 

Just as important are analytics which give tangible feedback on things such as visitor traffic, click-through rate (CTR), and ad campaign evaluation. 

  1. It helps maintain good relationships. 

Want to keep your customers coming back for more of your services?

Listening to their feedback, responding to comments, and creating content that will benefit them in meaningful ways builds a good rapport. 

Businesses have the ability to directly respond to customer concerns and show active listening. With the correct use of content marketing, you can grow loyalty among your followers and help build trust. 

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Content marketing presents many benefits to your small business, and can strengthen your consumer base and presence in the market. Not only will customers feel engaged, you will also have a more detailed understanding of what they value from your products and services. 

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